Create Your Own Wikipedia Page To Showcase Your Interesting Personality

Create Your Own Wikipedia Page

Using a Wikipedia page for promotional matters is picking up pace, but is it easy to employ Wikipedia to such an extent?

Modern digital marketing era has seen many unorthodox marketing tactics. Employing a variety of manoeuvres to achieve one particular result, often to gain recognition, is one of the leading priorities of online marketing strategy makers. Using Wikipedia is one of them. While it may not seem like a good idea to use an encyclopaedia for personal gains, yet, it has its effects.

So, for those who are looking for ways to display the leading traits of their personality, it is nothing less than a prized possession. Therefore, if you are one of them and wish to find a way to use Wikipedia for yourself, then ride along. Because today we are going to look at some of the ways that one can employ Wikipedia.

What Makes You Eligible For A Wikipedia Page

Before we begin, it is imperative that we get a few things out of the way. Wikipedia guidelines for making a page are very strict. Wikipedia’s basic criteria state that if you wish to make a page for a personality, then you need to have “received significant coverage in multiple published, secondary sources that are reliable”. Which means that if you are not recognized by a source, which Wikipedia recognizes as credible, then your eligibility to make a Wikipedia page does not exist. What determines if a source is credible?

  • If it is a renowned news source
  • An online resource that is credible
  • Names mentioned in published works such as books, newspapers, etc.
  • Achievements recognized by official records

To expound a bit on that last point, if you are an extraordinary personality holding some sort of record within your local vicinity or on a global level, then you are eligible enough. However, if none of the officials recognized records identify your achievement, then it might be troublesome to prove that you are, indeed, notable.

The Process Of Making A Wikipedia Biography

Now that we understand the system of credible personalities, let us talk about the way to get there. One of the initial things you are going to need is patience. Because, not only can the process be lengthy, it also requires a lot of attention to details and research. So, let us begin.

·         Account Creation

Signing up is perhaps the easiest step of the procedure. All you have to do is enter a unique user name, password and your email address. It will ask you to verify, then once you are done, the sign-up will be complete.

·         Editing

The first actual step you need to take towards making your page is to become an editor. For that, you need to find pages on Wikipedia that need editing. Not only do these articles contain half-information, and in some cases they contain none, they also have complex topics. So, it is imperative that you choose the ones that fall into your playhouse. That way, you can add credible information and become a credible editor.

·         Article Creation

Now you need to find out whether an article already exists in your name. Using the search feature, Wikipedia helps you find various disambiguation related to your query. If your article does not exist, then you can simply ask to create one.

·         Content

On the same page, your content creation process begins. It would include the first draft of your page, which means that it will not be posted or the process will not go further until you post it for submission. However, in Wikipedia’s own words “Biographies of living people are among the most difficult articles to get right.” Therefore, make sure you make improvements and get the format right before you move on to the next phase.

·         Source Citation

You need to prove your notability by citing your sources. Wikipedia states a few types as their main types of citation:

  1. Full citation
  2. Inline citation
  3. Short citation
  4. In-text attribution
  5. General reference

Make sure you study these types and get it right when you cite your sources.

·         Approval\Rejection\Editing

Wikipedia articles are not a matter of approval and rejection. Meaning that if your article is approved, it does not mean complete. On the same note, if your article is rejected, that does not mean the end of it. So, if your article is approved, you need to keep an eye on it and ensure timely edits. Whereas in the case of rejection, you need to target the problem that caused its rejection and edit that.

Where You Should Showcase Your Personality Traits

Now that you understand the process, where should you put your personality traits? Bear in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia and you cannot afford to be opinionated or braggy with your content. So, the best way to portray your abilities is through your achievements, and to use the sources as your primary selling point. The better your sources are, the higher your chances of showcasing your insights will be.

Benefits Of Making Your Wiki Biography

Now that you are done with your page’s creation, you must be wondering, what are the benefits? Let us list them out for you:

  • Your SEO domain will be bigger
  • Your online credibility will rise higher
  • You can use your Wikipedia page to provide information to your audience
  • Your list of accomplishments on your page grows as you move forward

Is it advised to make wiki pages for people?

Wikipedia itself asks the users and contributors to make pages that they think should be added. So, yes it is alright to make Wiki pages for people.

What happens if an article is written in the wrong content tone?

Then editors of Wikipedia will reject it and ask to fix the problems with it, including complete revisions at times.

Can you hire experts to do it for you instead?

Yes, there are many services that offer to make pages for people or companies for an adequate sum.

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