How To Make A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Since the creation of Wikipedia, the platform has grown unbelievably. Securing the highest online search ranks, and reaching out to billions of active readers globally, it has become one of the most visited sites on Google present today.

What’s the secret behind Wikipedia’s enormous success? What factors contribute and how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete? In this blog, you are going to find out some direct measures to learn the process of creating a Wikipedia page. You are going to unlock the secrets to getting on the platform without facing much trouble.

So, let’s begin the process down below:

The Step by Step Guide To Make A Wikipedia Page For An Athlete

Puzzled about the lengthy and challenging process. Fear out as here you will follow a step by step technique. Every policy will be laid down and the things you need to be careful about will be disclosed in the content.

To create a Wikipedia page you need to pay attention to its unshakable policy and approval structure. You need to learn about the do’s and don’ts of the platform regarding research, content creation, and formatting.

Wikipedia has created such comprehensive policies that it has laid down the instructions to what type of tone to carry and how to map the journey of the target readers. You have to pay attention to every little detail and know the specific to create a noteworthy content for your page.

●       Understanding the Wikipedia Policies

Wikipedia policies are rigid. No one can deny to follow them in order to be on the platform. But the bright side is that there are huge similarities with Google guided policies to secure high ranks and increased visibility. So, if you follow Wiki’s policies there are high chances that you can get ranked at the top among the most searched Google queries. So, here is a breakdown of Wiki’s policies. Follow through:

The Principle of Notability

The first thing to check is whether the athlete you are writing about is notable or not. You need to know if the athlete has some online recognition and presence that can ensure an increased online growth of his page.

If the athlete does not have any notability then you need to work on creating some. You have to make sure that he appears on any leading platform or has a place of his own in the online world from where he interacts with a certain target audience. This also helps in carrying out verifications of the information you add in the content.

You can seek help from any notable search engine optimization company to increase the reach and build the recognition of your Wikipedia page. Professionals know the best way to build online visibility and garner attention. You can be on the platforms like Forbes or The New York Times along with having an active social media handle.

Research Guidelines

Next comes researching guidelines. You need to make sure you are gathering details from reputed sites and platforms. You must not plan to enter any false information nor go for adding irrelevancy. Everything you add should be verifiable and authentic.

Refer to books, published articles, newspaper columns or anywhere that can offer you inspiring details about the person. You can even get the records of their sports championships. As the Wikipedia page has many categories related to the core subject, you can go a bit detailed in the career section. You can add information about the first sports competition and how the person has unlocked greatness in this career.

Content Creation

When it comes to content creation, there are certain things you need to follow. First you must make sure you carry a professional and direct tone. You can be a bit friendly and interactive but the voice should stay active to make it more professional.

Next is that the author or the contributor must not have any conflict of interest with the athlete. In this way, he will be able to justify the point and pour out the details in a neutral manner. No argumentative aspects are allowed in the content nor the attempts to hurt the integrity of any person is accepted.


Among the many things that Wikipedia strongly mentions, vandalism is one of the most important acts. The platform has time and again impressed upon it that nobody should go beyond the limits of ethics to intentionally target other authors merely for selfish outcomes.

You must not plan to discourage others only to make your position clear in front of the target audience. If Wikipedia caught you doing that, it will block your account and will never allow you to be on it ever.

●       Create A Wikipedia Account

Once you get the idea about the Wikipedia policies and instructions, it’s time to create an account for your athlete. For that, you need to navigate to the site There you will have to select your desired language. Next is to hit the button on the top right corner “create account”. That will take you to another tab where there will a form for you to fill. You need to enter the details there and create an uncrack-able password.

create a wikipedia account for athlete

You have to make sure that your account is secured and has all the essential details. Once you have created your account you need to turn on the notifications to stay updated about the ongoing activities. You can even create the user page. It’s a page that gives access to users to edit the published articles.


You can access the articles and contribute to the platform by improvising them. Wikipedia highly regards such users who do not come only to create the article but want to do something more for the site. They edit the mistakes of others and ensure to offer better content quality.

●       Research The Information

Moving on towards our next step, here comes the researching part. What you need to do is to carry out extensive research and gather details that are unique and relevant. You must add more appeal in your content by indexing interesting details and information. You can meet the athlete in person or dig deep into the web to gather details that not many people are aware of. The richer your page will be the better it will be ranked online.

●       Content Creation

Here comes the most important step, the content curation part. To create the Wikipedia page you need to make sure that your sentences are precise and have a rich message to deliver. You must pay attention to reaching out to your target audience in a more friendlier and confident manner.

You need to create a journey for the readers and gradually take him to the main aspects of the content. There must be clarity in your tone and an appeal that can bind the attention of the target audience till the end.

Furthermore, many people go for trying out Article Wizard on Wikipedia. It’s a kind of tool that Wikipedia provides to newbie writers. Here you can publish your article and get assistance on how to improve the quality. The tool will give you deep insights of the areas that are a bit weak and need more attention.


Unique Page Title

In content curation, there is one more important step. Apart from checking the notability of your athlete you also have to check if the person has already been covered on the platform or not. For this method, you can go for the Red Link and Blue Link method. There is a requested article search box where you have to enter the name of your chosen topic. The search box will show some results. If the Blue Link appears that means the topic has been covered. Now here you have to see if the aspect you are about to cover is been done or not.

Secondly, if the red links appear that means you are free to attempt the topic. It is completely unique for the platform. This gives you ample room to enter whatever type of information you want to add in the content.

●       Optimize Your Content

Everything you do online is to create a position in the search engine. Similarly, when you create a Wikipedia page you do want to be on the platform but your ultimate goal is to increase your rank in the leading search engine like Google. So, why not incorporate techniques that can actually create an impact and make your content rich enough to garner attention.

You have to focus on one basic thing and that is to index the most searched keywords. You need to use tools like Google Keywords Planner to hunt for key phrases that can increase the accessibility of your content. You need to add simplicity and ease of reaching out in your content.

Through words and phrases that can quickly reach out to the right target audience, is the ultimate secret to optimize your content. Apart from this, you can add backlinks. Now this is a bit technical. As Wikipedia does not allow do-follow links or any sort of promotional content, what you can do is to attach your link in the external link section on the Wikipedia page.

You can add the link to your profile or website and it will not be rejected. Your Wikipedia page will be able to generate traffic for your website as well along with building the reach of the page.

●       Formatting

As you are all set with the content in hand and the material sourced from the reputed sites, you need to focus on one important thing, the presentation. If you do not know how to present and organize your content, no matter how well your research material is, your page will be left behind.

You need to crack the secret to add more appeal in your page and that is if you follow the SEO formatting guidelines. You need to learn about the right ways that can draw the attention of your target audience. You have to format the content using headers and subheadings. You can add taglines and catchy phrases that can hook up the attention.

In a Wikipedia page, there are sections and categories. You need to divide your content in those categories. You have to create a proper journey for your readers starting from the introduction and going all the way through the personal life to career and achievements, tragedies and death.

●       Add Proper Citation

The next step about how to make a Wikipedia page for an athlete, you have to learn about citation, how to do it and why the platform emphasizes on it so much. Through citation, you give a window to your readers to explore more about the stated information and details. They can go into the individual links and read more. Secondly, it justifies your content. It backs them up with legitimate sources. Your audience knows that you have researched every single thing and whatever you are writing is legit.

Now about how to do it. In the Wikipedia policies, there is a long list of guidelines that you need to follow. You can pick any citation style from the list. Mostly the Harvard Style of referencing is followed, however, there are many other styles as well.

●       Content Submission

To ensure a flawless submission of the content, you need to proofread every word and scrutinize it thoroughly. You can make use of advanced tools like Grammarly to fix the writing errors. You have to properly read your content and make sure that it sounds professional and attention grabbing. It should have the appeal to hold the attention of the target audience till the end. You may not get more than one chance to fix the errors after submission, so it’s better to check the content thoroughly before submitting.

To submit the content, you have to head to your dashboard. There is an option “create a page”, upon clicking you can find a form with the options to attach the files. You have to attach all the files and submit the content for review.

Wikipedia Page Approval Criteria and Duration

A Wikipedia page takes about 3 to 6 months to get reviewed properly. In case if the editors find flaws that are minor in nature, they ask you to make the edits. If not, then the content is rejected. Upon publishing the page, the authors get the live link via email. Once your page is live you then have to manage and monitor it to sustain your ranks.

To manage and monitor your Wikipedia page, you need to check if there is any review request received. The readers upon finding any conflict or error send the review request to the page owner with the requested suggestion. If you find it right you can click save changes and if not you can delete it. However, you cannot delete all the review requests as this will put a question mark on your page quality, which can be deleted even after getting published.

Wrap Up

This is a comprehensive and easy to follow process to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete. You must make sure not to leave out a single step in order to be on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete?

You must be thinking to create a Wikipedia page about an athlete but you do not have enough skills to create it. Well, you are just a few steps away from the golden opportunity. Allow us to create a page for you. We know the tough criteria to get a page accepted and we follow them completely.

Why should athlete have a Wikipedia page?

An athlete should get a Wikipedia page to get known all over the world. Everyone gain information through internet these days, taking this into account Wikipedia can help you a lot in this situation. Our experts strive hard to make our customers satisfied.

Who create the Wikipedia page for an athlete?

Most of the athletes consider Wiki page makers to create them a Wikipedia page. And you must do the same if you want a page about an athlete. Our experts have a vast experiencing working with such sportsmen and athlete.

How much time it take to make a wiki page?

The Wikipedia page creation process usually takes a few days. Once our experts gather enough knowledge and full page description, we will proceed with our page writing process. However, the approval of the page by Wikipedia volunteers and administrators may takes 10 days.

What is the cost to create a Wiki page for an athlete?

Cost of creating a Wikipedia depends on its quality and complexity of subject. The more difficult the subject will be, the more it can cost. However, there is nothing difficult for our experts. We are quite versatile and have a vast experience.

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